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About RR Commercial Painting, Inc
RR Commercial Painting, Inc has been in business since 1989 providing asphalt metal roof paint services in the Bayside, RI area. We have completed asphalt metal roof paint projects of all types and sizes from simple home paintings, storm damage, remodeling offices, working on military bases and state projects, federal court houses, schools and HUD projects. Some of our customers include Frito Lay, Northeast Foods, Whitcraft, Electric Boat, LA Fitness, Numa Tool, many private and public schools, as well as businesses and residential customers in the Bayside, RI area. Call us today at 860-792-1910.
What Makes Us Unique?
Bob of RR Commercial Painting, Inc runs the everyday company operations in the Bayside, RI area which includes overseeing jobs, estimating, project managing and scheduling to meet deadlines. RR Commercial Painting, Inc has a highly experienced workforce in the Bayside, RI area with detailed knowledge of all aspects of asphalt metal roof paint services. RR Commercial Painting, Inc pays attention to asphalt metal roof paint details and honors our commitment to giving the highest quality work possible by staying on budget. Call us today at 860-792-1910.
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- Major Home Repairs
- Metal Roofing - Paint
- Paint Removal and Cleaning
- Roof - Waterproofing
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A fresh coat of paint on your metal roof is more than just a cosmetic improvement! It also serves to protect your roof from the elements, from rusting and protection for your roof protects everything under it! Give your metal roof the attention it deserves.We understand the pride you have in your home and want to do all we can to share cost effective and time saving ideas for your metal roofing paint project.

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